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Misser and Fernandez, guests at the Looser party

11 de October de 2022

The day in which a Swiss rider and a Namibian rider have raised their arms after four days of undisputed leadership, the ŠKODA Titan Desert Almería had a little surprise in store. Tomi Misser, former world champion and pioneer of Spanish mountain biking, and Pilar Fernandez, Catalonia cross country marathon champion, have taken the stage of the Legion Espíritu de Marcha.

Nothing spoiled the anticipated party of Vera and Konny Looser, both winners of their respective GCs. They started as favorites and confirmed this label from the first day. With an overwhelming domination of the situation, the Loosers won their first participation in the race.

Today was short, fast and technical. It had the great incentive of passing through the Alvarez de Sotomayor Military Base. Up to there the front of the peloton was arriving in large groups. There was tension, excitement, but also a desire to celebrate what has been an unforgettable adventure.

After crossing the Legion segment, a pure marathon section began, with some navigation included in the river sections. A part that has enjoyed both the male and female elite. If the men have marked their pace based on attacks, the women have preferred to collaborate with each other and have a stretch of rolling as a female peloton.

Tomi Misser was the first to cross the finish line in El Toyo. The Catalan had been fighting for a victory since the second day, where he attempted it at the finish in Níjar, but had to wait until the fourth stage to take the spoils.
Before the 50th kilometer, Misser linked up with the head of the race and navigated “like crazy”, as he himself acknowledged, through the river sections of the finish line.
At 48 years of age, the former downhill world champion rode alone for the whole of the last stretch. “I’m almost retired, so beating these kids motivates me,” he joked as he watched out of the corner of his eye as the rest of the peloton arrived. Riders younger than him, but who have arrived a minute after this historic veteran.

In the women’s GC, the race was fast, technical, but also “a lot of fun”, as recognized by its protagonists. Vera Looser and Pilar Fernández rode together for many kilometers, together with other women of the mixed duo classification.

A small stretch of “women’s peloton” that Fernandez and Looser admitted to have enjoyed very much. Finally, the Madrilenian, who had also tried to win since the first day, managed to go home with a stage victory.

A day to remember for Vera Looser, Tomi Misser, Pilar Fernández and Konny Looser. But also for more than 200 Titans who today go home with a trophy, the marble that certifies them as finishers, and with an adventure they will always remember: having completed the ŠKODA Titan Desert Almería.

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