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When will the race take place?

The ŠKODA Titan Series Almeria will take place from the 9th to the 12th of December 2021 and will have 4 stages.

On Wednesday the 8th of December, scrutineering, administrative checks and a prologue stage will be carried out.

Are there any specific rules?

The ŠKODA Titan Series Almería is governed by its own rules, which are published on the website.

What time do the stages get under way?

The start of each stage will be given at 8 am.

How many km are the stages?

The average length of the five stages of the race is 80 km.

The prologue stage on Wednesday the 8th of December will be shorter in distance than the rest of stages.

Where will checkpoints be located and how many will there be?

The locations of the checkpoints will depend on the course of each stage. While the number of checkpoints may vary from stage to stage, there will be a maximum of 4 per stage and their coordinates will be made known on the eve of the corresponding stage.

How many refreshment stations will there be?

In the 2021 ŠKODA Titan Series Almería, refreshment stations are known as HYDRATION STATIONS.

Each stage has a total of three Hydration Stations, two of which come with cold products.

While their locations depend a lot on the course and characteristics of each stage, the organization of the ŠKODA Titan Series Almería does not plan to exceed a distance of 40 km between one Hydration Station and the next.

They are marked with the letters “HS” followed by a number (e.g. HS1, HS2, HS3 and so on).

What happens if I drop out of a stage or finish outside the time limit?

In the Titan Desert the refreshment points are called ‘hydration stations’.

On each stage there will be three Hydration Stations, two of them with cold drinks. Hydration stations will not be more than 40 kilometres apart.

They will have water, and two will have isotonic drinks.

Any participant who drops out during one of the stages must contact the corresponding checkpoint (CP or HS) or wait for the broom wagon.

The participant will have to sign a withdrawal sheet with the reason and kilometre point. This also needs to be notified to the Participant Service upon arrival at the camp.

The organisation will take the participant and bicycle to the next camp by means of the broom wagon or another vehicle available at that time (the broom wagon can leave participants who have withdrawn at a CP or hydration point, if necessary, so that the people responsible for the point can take him/her later to the camp at the time of closing). Whenever possible, the broom wagon will carry out this transfer to the camp, but priority will be given to the most urgent cases.

The organisation will not be held liable for any damage caused to the bicycle during transport. However, it will be carried out as carefully as possible. The bicycle can be transferred in the broom wagon or an HS truck.

Riders who drop out may start the next stage, but they will no longer be eligible for the classifications. They will have to complete the next stages within the specified time. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the race and the riders involved having to travel from camp to camp with the organisation.

Riders who have dropped out of a stage will not be eligible for the general classification or stage wins.

What happens if I withdraw from the race altogether?

In the Titan Desert, the aid stations are called HYDRATION STATIONS.

In each stage there are a total of 3 Hydration Stations.

They depend a lot on the route and the characteristics of the stage. But the organization of the Titan Desert plans not to exceed 30 km without Hydration Stations.

They are marked with the initials EH followed by a number (eg EH1, EH2, EH3…).

In addition, prior to departure, each participant receives 1.5 liters of water to fill their bottles and hydration packs.

In the event of permanent withdrawal, the organisation will take each participant from camp to camp with the logistics caravan.

The participant will be required to pack his/her bicycle and hand it over to the organisation so that it can be transported until the end of the race. The bicycle must be handed over prior to 7 am to ensure it can be properly transported. The bicycle cannot be retrieved until the end of the race.

Participants who withdraw from the race and decide NOT to continue in the race convoy (from camp to camp) can stay at a hotel until the race has finished or return home. The price of the hotel and the cost of the transfer from a camp to a hotel or the nearest airport will be made known at a later date. The price of the air ticket will depend on the flights available at the time.

In either case, the participant must pay for these services at the time of purchase.

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