5th - 8th OCTOBER 2024

Quirónprevención physio services

The official Škoda Titan Desert Almería physiotherapy service is offered by Quirónprevención.

Quirónprevención is the leading company in the health prevention sector and has extensive experience in the health care of high-performance athletes, with the management of the MotoGP Health Center. Now its physiotherapy unit is at the disposal of the Titans helping them to fulfill the dream of completing the Škoda Titan Desert Almería challenge.

The Quirónprevención physiotherapy service is based on comprehensive care for the athlete with a team of specialists in the knowledge of the locomotor apparatus in extreme intensity tests, specialized in the exploration of possible injuries and in the quick management of treatment techniques to reach the next stage in the best possible functional situation.

The service consists of a pre-competition service with warm-up activities such as dynamic elasticity exercises, mobility work of the spine, hips, knees and ankles, as well as tone and vascular activation massage. And a post-competition service focused on recovery in draining and unloading massage. In addition, personalized work will be done to restore muscle flexibility and joint mobility ranges after the effort with the clear objective of arriving in optimal condition for the next day.

The service offered by Quirónprevención goes beyond the event itself and offers a prior, comprehensive and individualized medical check-up that will rule out any type of cardiac pathology and provide information on the athlete’s state of health. A conclusion of this check-up will be issued to cover the requirements of the organization.

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