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5 tips to face the Škoda Titan Desert Almería

20 de July de 2023

With less than 3 months to the race, we leave you 5 tips to face the race with maximum guarantees. Practical tips that will help you overcome the four stages of the race in the best possible way.

1. Manage the effort, we are talking about a stage race.

Do not give everything on the first day, remember that there are four consecutive days and you will have to measure your strength. Face the race from less to more, dose your strength and get to the end enjoying each of the kilometers run.

2. Plan each stage, some of them are around 100 km long.

Keep in mind that there will be stages that will reach 100km. Go out calmly without giving everything in the first kilometers, hydrate yourself and eat well at the refreshment posts, plan a strategy that allows you to dose the effort to save strength in the last stretches.

3. Use the GPS because the routes are not arrowed.

Although in the Škoda Titan Desert Almeria there is no navigation, download the tracks and use the GPS. The routes are not arrowed, so you will not find signage to help you follow the route.

4. Be mechanically self-sufficient because there is no assistance during the stages.

Prepare a survival kit before each stage, as it will be useful in case of a flat tire or a minor incident during the race. Throughout the stage there will be no mechanical assistance that can get you out of trouble, so be prepared.

5. Learn the technique of riding on soft terrain, the Ramblas of Almeria.

Train on soft terrain this summer, in the race you will ride on the characteristic “Ramblas” of Almeria, very soft terrain that is not easy to overcome if you are not used to riding on sandy tracks.

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