5th - 8th OCTOBER 2024

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José Manuel Moreno Periñán

7 de October de 2023

The Škoda Titan Desert Almería always attracts big names from the sports world. Whether from road and mountain biking itself or from other disciplines: motor racing, basketball, tennis and, of course, track cycling.

José Manuel Moreno Periñán is a name that is perhaps not so recognisable to the younger generation, but in 1992, three decades ago, he made headlines all over the country. Moreno Periñán was the first gold medallist of the Spanish delegation in Barcelona’ 92.

His kilometre run on track is one of Spain’s greatest moments at the Olympic Games. The time was 1:03:342. Just over a minute to complete the 1,000 metres of the velodrome. A time that some Titans in the peloton can still recite by heart.

This man from Cadiz is part of the team representing Andalucía in the race. One more chance to take his name and that of his homeland to the top for a cyclist who is living history of Spanish sport.

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