5th - 8th OCTOBER 2024

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Jesualdo Aguilera

9 de October de 2023

The Škoda Titan Desert Almería is much more than a race. The personal and social aspect of the event allows to give visibility to initiatives that are in need of it. This is the case of the wonderful project of Jesualdo Aguilera and Hector Vargas: Titan Leave Footprint.

The project seeks to give value to the act of organ donation. Plain and simple. To do so, they organize teams made up of medical personnel, people who have received transplants and people who have also decided, altruistically, to donate the organs of a deceased loved one.

“This is a hidden part of the process. The courage and generosity of those who, in a very difficult moment, such as the loss of a loved one, decide to help those in need. It is incredible,” they explain.

“We also want to show that a person who has received a transplant can not only have a normal life, but also finish a race as hard as this one,” emphasize Héctor, who works as a doctor, and Jesualdo, who experienced firsthand the decision of a person who decided to donate the organs of a family member.

Those who decide to donate do not know who these organs will help. “With this initiative we show donors that their decision can help someone to fulfill their dream of making a career of this kind. That would be incredible,” they say.

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