5th - 8th OCTOBER 2024

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Fran Herrero

10 de October de 2023

Sports is full of stories of bad luck, alleged jinxes and sporting debts. “Cycling owes this race to this cyclist”, it is often said. But in the end it is always the most deserving rider who wins.

Fran Herrero, however, has twice come close to being the most deserving rider of the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco. It is possible that there is no such thing as bad luck, but it is true that the Titan World Series universe seems a little fairer today.

Fran Herrero wins his first GC in these races. After two editions in which he came close to winning (especially the cruel outcome in 2022), today he takes home the red jersey.

“Finally. It was my turn. It has been a team effort, with a teammate like Miguel (Muñoz) who has helped me in everything. This is incredible,” said the reigning champion of the Škoda Titan Desert Almeria.

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